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The Shop    Durango

Our shop is not automated.  It's "old school."  Talented, hard-working people are the heart and soul of our business.

Doug In Shop12-1-09.JPG (373934 bytes)Doug ChristieWoodcarving, Woodworking, Artglass

Doug Christie has been designing and building custom entryways since 1978. He has lectured to Interior Design and Woodworking classes on subjects including stained glass technique, interior and exterior wood finishes, door and window construction, and the commissioning of custom work.   In 1982, he was a charter member of the Orange County Woodworkers Association in Orange County, California, and served on its Board of Directors for three years, his last year as President. Doug moved to Durango in 1985 to create his unique line of entryways which were marketed to dealers predominantly on the West Coast.   The shop went retail, with a showroom and internet presence in the form of, in 1999.  Like all artists, he puts his heart into everything he makes.


Terri.jpg (201300 bytes)Terri BonhamEtched Glass, Deep-carved Glass, and Stained Glass

Terri Bonham's eclectic style in stained glass and carving / etching glass reflects her training and experience over 2 1/2 decades.  Her first glass art training took place in a barrio of Los Angeles.   Although primarily self-taught, she took formal training in Sedona, Arizona, where she designed architectural glass for homes built by her husband and general contractor, Tuck Bonham.  Her work has been noticed and commissioned by architects, designers, craftsmen, and homeowners.  In 2001, she was trained in etched and carved glass by Norm and Ruth Dobbins of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Terri prefers to work in varied styles.  Her styles include traditional, cottage, contemporary, and craftsman.   She has also done commissioned works of wildlife and nature scenes.  Her pieces reflect movement, unusual in glass media.  In 2000, the Durango Arts Center honored Terri as a Featured Artist.


PeteCopy.jpg (189185 bytes)Pete Wilson:   Breeze Doors, LLC, Manufacturer's Representative


Employees are family.   Even if they leave, they remain in our hearts, and we look forward to seeing each other whenever possible.

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The Shop    Durango

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