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This is the mainstay of our business!  Why else would we be called "entryways.com"?   We have hundreds of doors to show you, so we have categorized them in order to expedite your search for your perfect entryway.

Custom Doors:  Unique entryways that we have built for our clients.  These can be duplicated or modified to suit your requirements.   Anything is possible.

Stock Doors:  These are doors that we manufacture in standard sizes and provide to dealers or clients on a short lead time.  Stock designs can be incorporated into custom entryways. 

Modified Outsourced Doors:  The least expensive way to a unique entryway, we purchase an outsourced door and modify its appearance with custom glass, artwork, finish, or hardware.

Outsourced Doors:  These are doors from other manufacturers that we offer through our retail showroom.  We are pleased to guide you to the best manufacturer that can see to your requirements.

Custom Doors

LeGrand-Schwob.jpg (75408 bytes)

We have so many custom doors to show you, that we have further categorized them into similar design themes.  However, it is possible that you will find the door of your dreams in an alternate category.  So have fun exploring!

After entering a design theme, clicking on a photo will access its Project Page.  There you will find the ID number, price, and technical information regarding the project.  When contacting us, the ID number will allow us to know precisely to which project you are referring.

No worries if you don't see exactly what you want.  We can build anything!  We can work out the details in person, by phone, e-mail, or mail.  Contact us for the possibilities!  We are happy to pre-finish and ship the doors anywhere in the world.

Every project you will see in the Custom Door secton was designed and created specifically for the one client that ordered it.  If it doesn't suit you to a tee, make any changes you wish!  We want you to view these projects as examples of our diversity and quality.

(This section is under construction.  Some photos do not have a Project Page.  If a Project Page is unavailable for the photo you have chosen, a large photo will appear so that you can zoom in on details.   Just click your browser's "Back" button to return to the previous page.  Some Project Pages do not have ID #'s.  If you encounter this, hover your pointer over the photo and most browsers will provide a popoup with the ID#.)

Custom Doors are grouped by design theme to expedite your search:

D191-1.JPG (307726 bytes) Intarsia Doors                     D177-2.JPG (219304 bytes) Woodcarved Doors                      

ASPENS.jpg (77189 bytes) Stained Glass Doors                     D196-2.JPG (173573 bytes) Classic and Victorian Raised Panel

D146-1.JPG (2347267 bytes) Craftsman and Bungalow Doors               D167-1.jpg (263109 bytes) Southwestern Doors

D118-1.jpg (42495 bytes) Contemporary and Modern Doors                      D58-1.jpg (1071180 bytes) Commercial and Church Doors

D195-1.JPG (385186 bytes) Glass and Screen Doors                      Kelly Lock Rail.jpg (266932 bytes) Dutch Doors

D126-2.jpg (15636 bytes) Tongue-and-Groove Doors                      D47-2.jpg (11823 bytes) Radius Head Doors

D204-1.JPG (468042 bytes) Plank Panel Doors                       D221-3.jpg (585044 bytes) Rustic Doors




Stock Doors

Our stock door lines are available to our customers or dealers.  They can also be combined with sidelites or transoms to create a unique custom entryway.

Sometimes, you just need to step back and get the BIG PICTURE.

Seven designs, two panel thicknesses, three color intensities, seven wood species, single-wide or double-wide.

D14-2.jpg (14844 bytes)        D13-1.jpg (14654 bytes)       D14-1.jpg (13964 bytes)        D11-1_small.jpg (6852 bytes)

Our newest creation:

Catch the Breeze

Finally, a beautifully made door that converts into a screen door in just ten seconds.

LinearSequence15.jpg (35797 bytes)


Modified Outsourced Doors

A great choice for remodeling on a budget!

Choose any door from the array of manufacturers that we represent, and we can modify it into a custom design by using a variety of techniques.

We can insert windows into solid wood doors or simply replace standard glass with art glass.  We can add carved, inlaid, or woodburned accents.  We can hand-hew, distress, wire brush, or sandblast solid components.  We can add custom hardware such as clavos, speakeasy doors, strap hinges, kickplates, or door knockers.  We can provide custom finishes.

Simple doors can become unique entryways at very reasonable prices!  Let your imagination loose, while maintaining your budget!

Examples of basic manufactured doors that have been given a custom touch.

D89-2.jpg (11533 bytes)         D87-2.jpg (135646 bytes)         D192-1.JPG (267142 bytes)         D193-1.JPG (270682 bytes)         D165-1.jpg (332221 bytes)




Outsourced Doors

Many people purchase doors from a company they have never dealt with based on a line drawing and a price.   Many companies appear to make the same door based on that line drawing, but there are vast differences in manufacturing techniques, materials used in components, adhesives, glass, prehang precision, finish application, shipping, and customer service.  Even if the product arrives at its final destination in perfect condition, poor installation on-site can yield undesired results.  With over thirty years of experience, we have seen a lot of poorly designed or poorly made doors.  The "bargain" doors usually have a lower standard of quality and require extra work to repair defects in the door itself or the result of poor skills used in the prehanging.  They are likely made with thin veneers or inferior adhesives that will not stand the test of time.  Some of these manufacturers exhibit little pride in their work, little quality assurance, and poor customer service.

That being said, we have encountered a few manufacturers that genuinely know what they're doing.  The quality of the delivered product shows that they care.

We sell doors from the following manufacturers.  We can order the doors "Slab Only", if they are to retrofit into an existing jamb, or if we are to provide the jamb and prehanging.   We can also order the doors prehung at the factory or distributor, if necessary.

We are listing them in the order that we rate them regarding our overall satisfaction in doing business with them on behalf of our customers.  (This includes product quality and availablility, precision, and timeliness.  The most inexpensive doors are not necessarily at the bottom of the list.  We have faith in all of them.  Follow their links to view their product lines and services.

Product lines that we have discontinued due to unsatisfactory product or service:

Madawaska Doors, Canada

Lumber Products, Salt Lake City



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