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From the heart of the country:  www.entryways.com  We ship or deliver anywhere.


If you're thinking about a new door, you've GOT to see this:  The Breeze America's answer to the Dutch door.

The first entry door that converts to a screen door with all moving parts firmly secured.  All the beauty of a custom, hand-crafted entry door.  All the function of both an entry door and a screen door.  And all the convenience of just one, incredible door!

Patent pending.

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Click on any picture to go straight to that style of entryway or click here for more variety.

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Navigating the Site

The photos above represent the more popular design themes we've created.   Just click on the photo to go directly to the thumbnails for that particular theme.   Clicking on any thumbnail takes you to its Project Page, where you will find descriptions, details, and pricing.  A click on the Project Page photo will give you the highest resolution photograph.  Use your browser's "BACK" button to reverse your course

Links at the top and bottom of each page allow you to quickly change the subject and head on another course.

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Crating and shipping by common carrier is available to any location, worldwide.  Also, we often deliver on our own truck or trailer.  Delivery methods and costs are included in our quotes.

We have shipped or personally delivered to Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Montana, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, South Dakota, North Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, and British Columbia.  There are still a few states we haven't seen yet!

Quoting Your Project

While your size, wood species, or details will likely be different from the projects shown, you will at least have a starting point regarding costs.  If your project is smaller or less complicated in design, your cost will likely be  less.  The reverse is also true.  To provide a quote, we'll need your dimensions and your choice of wood species.  If you have the ID number when you contact us, we will know exactly which project interests you and we can adapt it to your specifications.  More information is here.

Never hesitate to contact us directly with your questions.  We are "small-town" friendly and take pride in solving issues that develop.  (970) 385-9066 or Toll Free (877) 371-8894

Google Maps

You may be wondering if we've shipped an entryway near you, or even what it looks like.  Click on the Google Maps link to see where our Custom, BIG PICTURE, and Breeze entryways have been sent.  Clicking on a pin wll show you photos of the project if we have them.


We have many unique designs that would make excellent additions to any dealer's showroom, especially the Breeze and BIG PICTURE product lines.  Dealer inquiries are invited.  Dealers are given the first opportunity to see to the client's needs.

If you are a consumer, please contact us for the dealer closest to you.  If there is not a dealer in your vicinity, we are happy to serve you directly.

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What's New?

Our most recent completions:

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Christie's Wood And Glass
1166 S Skylane Drive, #2
Durango, CO 81303
Phone: (970) 385-9066  Toll Free: (877) 371-8894


Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

    Doug started woodworking in 1971 and opened his first woodworking business, Walden Woodworks, in Orange County, California in 1978.  The business moved to Durango, Colorado in 1985 and the name was changed simply to Doug Christie, Doormaker.  In 1999, with the addition of staff, the business name was changed to Christie's Wood and Glass.   Thirty-five years in business, twenty-eight years in Durango.


Do you have references?

    Unsolicited comments from former clients can be found here.   Additional or specific references can be arranged.


Do you make "normal" doors like a four-panel door?

    We make wood doors of all designs.  Since many of these designs are common and seen on many web sites, we are less inclined to feature photos of them here.


Do you install doors?

    While we have installed doors locally in the past, we do not currently have the facilities available for installation.  However we gladly refer local customers to Durango Remodeling


Do you build other things aside from doors?

    Yes.   We are often called on to coordinate other woodwork in the home with our doors.   Some of our other woodworking can be seen here.


Are Breeze doors more popular than other doors you've created in the past?

        In a nutshell, YES!


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Art Glass Companies

Glass Art by Terri Bonham:  TerriBonham

Christie's Wood and Glass now accepts:

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