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In addition to hand-made custom entryways, Christie's Wood and Glass manufactures two lines of entry systems, the Breeze and the BIG PICTURE.

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If you're thinking about a new door, you've GOT to see this:  The Breeze.

The first entry door that converts to a screen door with all moving parts firmly secured.  All the beauty of a custom, hand-crafted entry door.   All the function of both an entry door and a screen door.  And all the convenience of just one, incredible door!

Patent pending


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Sometimes, you just need to step back and see the BIG PICTURE!

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My sincere thanks for considering us,

Doug Christie

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Navigating the Project:

When you see a project you like, continue to click on its photo.   This will lead you to its Project Page.  ID numbers, technical information, and pricing will be available on that page.   While your size, wood species, or details will likely be different from the item shown, you will at least have a starting point regarding costs.  If you have the ID number when you contact us, we will know exactly which project interests you.

One final click on the Project Page Photo will take you to that photo's highest resolution where you can zoom in to see details in their greatest clarity.  To return from the photo to the Project Page, simply click your browser's "Back" button.   With so many projects, this web site is constantly being revised.  If you should arrive at an isolated photo without seeing the Project Page, then that particular Project Page is currently in revision.  Please contact us directly for details on your item of interest.

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