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The Breeze Quoting Computer Program is "live".   It is connected to labor and material cost programs.  As a result, it is volatile, and prices can change instantly with the costs associated with Breeze construction or shipping.  Prices shown in the Gallery section are not "live".  They are manually updated from time to time to reflect current pricing, however they only represent "ballpark" costs for the entryway as shown.   Even though it seems material and shipping costs are always rising, we have seen Breeze prices rise and fall based on our implementations of new equipment or construction techniques to increase the speed and efficiency of the door's manufacturing.

Getting an accurate quote for a Breeze entryway system is surprisingly simple.  Every aspect of your entryway can be defined by answering 25 or fewer multiple choice questions regarding the features you would like, and providing 3 measurements.  The measurements can even be approximate for the quote, but must be precise when actually placing an order.

The measurements needed -

    For Door only (no jamb):   Existing door's width x height x thickness

    For New Construction:  Rough Opening Width x Height x Depth plus Direction of Swing, Threshold Height, and Threshold Rest

    For Remodeling:  Existing Unit's Width x Height x Depth plus Direction of Swing, Threshold Height, and Threshold Rest


                                    Rough Opening Width x Height x Depth plus Direction of Swing, Threshold Height, and Threshold Rest



    The Rough Opening Width   is the total width, from stud to stud, of the opening in the wall that will contain the entryway, including any sidelites.

    The Rough Opening Height is the total height, from subfloor to header beam, of the same opening, including any transoms.

    The Rough Opening Depth may also be referred to as the width of the jamb leg.  This can be any depth your builder specifies but is usually 4 9/16" for a 2x4 wall or 6 9/16" for a 2x6 wall.

    The Threshold Rest is the elevation at which the bottom of your new unit will rest.  In most newer construction, this is the subfloor.  In some older, remodeled homes, or if your home has poured concrete floors, this elevation could be the finished floor.

    The Threshold Height should be 1/2" to 3/4" above the finished floor so that the door will not scrape on the flooring as it swings.  It should not be more than 3/4" above the flooring so it will not be a "stumbling block".

        Example #1:   The old door unit rests on the subfloor.  You have 3/4" hardwood flooring.  The threshold should be 3/4" high for the flooring + 1/2" for clearance = 1 1/4" Threshold Height.  Threshold Rest is the subfloor.

        Example #2:   You have paver tile flooring that runs all the way to the exterior of the wall surface.  The new unit will rest on top of the tile.  The Threshold height is 3/4".  Threshold Rest is on the finished floor.

        Example #3:   You will be using paver tile flooring, but it will be installed after the door unit.  It will butt up against the threshold.  The tile flooring will be 1/2" thick and you may wish to use a throw rug at the entry door.  The Threshold Height = 1/2" for tile + 3/4" for cleaance - 1 1/4".  Threshold Rest is the subfloor.


Again, these measurements need only be approximate for the quote.  Your final price may vary slightly based on changes to these dimensions.

You may wish to review design options before calling, but we are more than happy to guide you through them.

We are friendly and informative.  We will not attempt to sell you something that you do not want or need.  We will NEVER pressure you into a purchase.

Toll Free:  (877) 371-8894


(970) 385-9066

Your quote will be provided as quickly as possible.  A written copy will be e-mailed to you if you provide an e-mail address.

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