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Custom Entryways

LogoBreezeDoors4.JPG (33067 bytes)Breeze and Light Breeze Options

The Breeze and Light Breeze are offered with a variety of options and accessories to individualize their appearance.  So many options, in fact, that a pricing chart would be very complex and could pose difficulties in interpretation.  Actually there are over 1.7x10 to the 19th permutations regarding the design of your entryway.  It would be a very big pricing chart!  To solve this problem we have created a computer program that allows us to describe and quote your project based on your answers to as few questions as possible.   Getting an accurate quote for the complete Breeze entryway system by phone takes less than five minutes.  We run the information through the pricing program and produce an accurate quote and order description.  A digital copy of the quote is then e-mailed back to you if you wish.  There is no obligation on your part, no pressure on our part, and information is not shared with any other organization.

Some folks have a difficult time choosing from among so many options.  They simply will know it's the perfect door when they see it.   In that case, simply go to the Gallery and view a number of doors with various features and options.  When obtaining a quote, you will be asked questions regarding the following features and options.  Just call up this page on your computer if you wish, and we will go through your options together.  If your project is to be prehung on a new jamb, the only information you will need to have on hand are the dimensions of the Total Rough Opening (height, width, and depth.)  If you are just replacing the door, simply provide the width and height of the existing door.   An approximation is all that is required for a quote, but these measurements must be precise if and when you actually place an order.

If you do not fully understand an option, there are more complex descriptions below, along with photographs, to help you gain insight.   You can view an enlarged image of many of the options pictured below by simply clicking on the photo.  Just click on your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page.


Configuration-  The configuration of your entryway is the overall summation of the components you want.  Components consist of doors, sidelites, and transoms.  The available configurations are as follows:

OneDoor.jpg (20865 bytes)One Door

OneDoorOneSL.jpg (21369 bytes)One Door, One Sidelite

OneDoorOneSLOneTransom.jpg (65886 bytes)One Door, One Sidelite, One Transom

OneDoorOneSLTwoTransoms.jpg (21849 bytes)One Door, One Sidelite, Two Transoms

OneDoorOneTransom.jpg (15384 bytes)One Door, One Transom

OneDoorTwoSL.jpg (29184 bytes)One Door, Two Sidelites

OneDoorTwoSLOneTransom.jpg (27071 bytes)One Door, Two Sidelites, One Transom

OneDoorTwoSLThreeTransoms.jpg (28843 bytes)One Door, Two Sidelites, Three Transoms

TwoDoors.jpg (18408 bytes)Two Doors

TwoDoorsOneTransom.jpg (22094 bytes)Two Doors, One Transom

TwoDoorsTwoSL.jpg (34511 bytes)Two Doors, Two Sidelites

TwoDoorsTwoSLOneTransom.jpg (114180 bytes)Two Doors, Two Sidelites, One Transom

TwoDoorsTwoSLThreeTransoms.jpg (116353 bytes)Two Doors, Two Sidelites, Three Transoms


Wood Species-  Paint-grade Poplar, Knotty Pine, Knotty Alder, Red oak, Spanish Cedar, African Mahogany, White Oak.   (Other wood species are available by custom order.)  With the exception of some panels, our doors are made from solid lumber.  Costs can vary considerably based on the species chosen, so we have listed the available wood species from lowest cost to highest cost.

Red Oak.jpg (353328 bytes)Red Oak    SpCedar.jpg (6472 bytes)Spanish Cedar (currently unavailable)    African mahogany2.jpg (106811 bytes)African Mahogany     White Oak.jpg (351827 bytes)White Oak


Screen Size-  Large (Breeze), or Small (Light Breeze).  This is also referred to as the Frame Design (Breeze or Light Breeze.)


Door Size-  All manufactured doors are built in nominal or standardized sizes.  When a door is retrofitted into an existing door jamb by the installer, it usually needs to be cut shorter or narrower for a precise fit.  To determine your nominal size, simply measure your existing door's height and width, then round up the numbers to first available size.  For example:   If your door measures 35 1/2" wide x 79 1/8" high, you would round the numbers up to 3'0" wide (36 inches) x 6'8" high (80 inches).

The Breeze is offered in widths from 30" to 42", heights from 77" to 96", and thicknesses of 1 3/4" and 2 1/4".

The Light Breeze is offered in widths from 30" to 42", heights from 77" to 84", and thicknesses of 1 3/4" and 2 1/4".


Wood Panels and Raised Molding-  The customer has a choice of Flat Panel, Raised Panel, or Plank Panel.  These panels are surrounded by a Raised Molding on the exterior of the door. Traditionally, the Profiled Raised Molding has been our standard design.  A Flat Raised Molding was created in response to a special request of a client.  It has been well-received.  Beginning March 1, 2016, a Flat Raised Molding will be standard on all doors where the client has requested a Flat Panel.  The Profiled Raised Molding will be standard on all doors where the client has requested a Raised Panel or a Plank Panel.

DSCN1678.jpg (808488 bytes)Example of Flat Panel with Flat Raised Molding. Flat Panels are most often used for Contemporary or Craftsman-styled doors.

DSCN1689.jpg (802011 bytes)Example of Raised Panel with Profiled Raised Molding.  Often used for a more traditional appearance.

DSCN1681.jpg (794147 bytes)Example of Plank Panel with Profiled Raised Molding.  Popular style for Rustic, Southwestern, and Craftsman-styled doors.


If you wish to have the alternate raised molding design for your door, please specify it at the time of order so that it is noted on your Confirmation.


Glass Panels-  You may choose from clear tempered glass, insulated glass, leaded art glass (S1), insulated leaded art glass (S3), textured glass, or custom glass.  Alternatively, the panel may be ordered "Open-For-Glass" if you wish to install your own glass later.

DSCN1677.jpg (783920 bytes)Example of clear, insulated glass.

DSCN1679.jpg (803273 bytes)Example of S1 art glass for the Breeze.  Outside border is colorless double-chip glass.   Inside border is colorless baroque glass with clear, beveled glass corners.   Main field is colorless kiln-cast glass with a Sycamore leaf pattern.  S3 art glass is this glass pattern triple-glazed into an insulated glass unit.

DSCN1690.jpg (829968 bytes)Example of S1 art glass for the Light Breeze.  Outside border is colorless double-chip glass.   Inside border is colorless water glass and bevels.  Main field is colorless kiln-cast glass with an Oak leaf pattern.  S3 art glass is this glass pattern triple-glazed into an insulated glass unit.


Hardware Finish-  Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Pewter, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Flat Black.  These finishes are for the hinges and catches used on the upper, hinged panel.   You can select the finish that most closely approximates the finish that you will use on the decorative hardware (your door knobs or grips.)

HARDWARE_FINISHES.jpg (191488 bytes)



Finish ApplicationChoose from None (Unfinished), Varnish Only, Stain/Varnish, or Stain/Varnish/Glaze.

We have chosen to use Minwax Stains in our finish application process because they are readily available across the country.  You can see color samples or obtain small quantities of stain for sample testing through your local hardware stores.  It is not wise to rely on photographic reproductions or computer monitors for accurate color representation.  Furthermore, hues may vary depending on the wood species being stained or the application of a varnish overcoat.   Our guarantee is limited to the fact that we will use the stain color that you specify.  We cannot possibly guarantee that it will match any swatch or sample that you may have.  We strongly advise that you order the project "Unfinished", and allow your finish to be applied locally under your own supervision, whenever precise colors are of importance to you.

Minwax20.jpg (308487 bytes)


Prehanging-  Doors, sidelites, and transoms can be ordered "slab only" if you wish to install them into existing jambs.  Alternatively, we can build matching jambs and prehang your components for perfect fit and function.  Prehanging includes weather strip, door shoes, and hinges.  Surface bolts and astragal are installed on double-wide door units.  The units will be designed and hung per the dimensions you provide.  You may also have the units prepped for door hardware or you can purchase hardware through us and we will install it at no charge.

Sidelites-  If your project includes sidelites, there are three optional sidelite designs:  Full-Lite, Half-Lite, or Split Lite.  You can choose the type of glass for the sidelites.  In the Half-Lite design, the lower panel will automatically be the same as the lower panel you chose for your door.

Kyne_E1.jpg (983541 bytes) Example of Breeze Door with one Full-Lite sidelite.  (S1 art glass in door and sidelite.)

McLachlan-Shop-Exterior-EntryMode.jpg (428984 bytes) Example of Breeze Door with two Half-Lite sidelites.  (Textured, insulated glass in sidelites.)

Platts-Ex-En.jpg (574973 bytes) Example of Light Breeze Door with two Split-Lite sidelites.  (Clear, insulated glass in door and sidelites.)

Transoms-  You can choose the type of glass you desire in the transoms.  It need not be the same as the door or sidelites.

Meyer-Shop-Cropped.jpg (527764 bytes) Example of Breeze Door with two Half-Lite sidelites and one transom.  (Unfinished unit is open-for-glass.)

Added Texture-

    Hand-hewn Panels-   This is a technique that gives the appearance that the panels have been hewn from timbers rather than sawn flat.

    Wire Brushing-  This yields a "sandblasted" look of extreme weathering.

DSCN1674.jpg (781180 bytes)Example of Hand-hewn Plank Panel, Round Clavo installation, and Heavy Distressing


Distressing-  This is a technique used to ding, dent, scrape, and scar the wood surfaces to give the appearance of an old, battered entryway.  Light Distressing is a great choice for hiding future scratches, dings, and dents.  If you accidently scratch your door, simply touch up the color of the scratch and it will blend in with the others!  Heavy Distressing yields the appearance of a 100-year-old door that has been "reclaimed".

Clavos-  Clavo is the Spanish word for "nail".  Nails with decorative heads have been used on doors for centuries.  While they were once functional, holding components together, they are now used primarily for ornamentation.  When the nail is driven in tight, it is said to be "dead."  This is where we get the term "Dead as a door nail."

    We have access to a huge variety of clavo designs, sizes, and finishes in addition to other types of decorative door hardware such as brackets, strap hinges, speakeasy doors, and grilles.   We welcome your requests on a custom basis.  However, we offer two fundamental styles of clavo placement for our stock Breeze line of doors, since these are the most popular.  We can utilize 5/8"-square pyramid door nails as studs to accentuate the structural joints, usually on Mission, Arts-and-Crafts, or Craftsman styled doors (as seen here):

LB1-RO-PP-CG-C12-SPO.JPG (115808 bytes)

Or we can use 1 1/8" round, hammered clavos as decoration in the door's panels, usually for a Southwestern, Tuscan, or Old World look.  These can be applied to any of the Flat, Raised, or Plank panels (as seen here):

SantaFe-Early American-Prehung.jpg (312229 bytes)


Dentil Mantle-  A classic design accent installed on the exterior surface of lock rail.

DSCN1680.jpg (828180 bytes) Example of Dentil Mantle installed.             DutchMantle.jpg (50394 bytes) Example of Dutch Door Mantle installed.


Hardware Prep- The Breeze Door can be ordered with no hardware prep if you are undecided as to what kind of hardware you will be using.  It can also be ordered with a standard "Single Prep" (if a Key-In-Knob type of hardware is to be used) or a "Double Prep" if a separate knob and deadbolt are to be used.  The "Double Prep" is also used for a Handleset or Gripset with a tubular type of latch or bolt.  A "Mortise Prep" is also available for higher-end cassette type locks.  Because the Hinged Panel swings down in the vicinity of the door latch, a lever cannot be used.  Most latches use a different spring tension whether a lever or knob is used, so it is not recommended to place a lever on the exterior of the door and a knob on the interior.   Only Knobs or Handlesets can be used.  If a disability precludes the use of a round door knob, we suggest a Handleset on both sides of the door or the use of an oval knob (which allows better turning leverage.)

You are welcome to purchase hardware from any source (even antique or reclaimed hardware) and have it shipped to us for installation.  In that case, installation charges will apply relative to the difficulty of the installation.   If you purchase hardware through us, we will be responsible for all technical aspects to ensure proper fit and function.  You need only choose the brand, design, and finish.  All decorative hardware purchased through us is installed at no charge.   This can equate to a discount from 15% to 40%, depending on the brand and style of hardware you choose.

Our hardware offerings can be seen here:  We are more than happy to assist you with your hardware needs.


Other custom features are available.  We are happy to discuss those with you.



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Custom Entryways