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ID#:  B67

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Breeze - African mahogany - 3'0" x 6'8" x 1 3/4" - Raised Panel upper and lower.  Unfinished. $2146.03
Option:  Dentil Mantle on exterior lock rail. $79.15
Code:  B3680-AM-TP0-RP-RP-U15-AT0-DI0-DM1-C0-U
TOTAL $2225.18

Photos of the installed door provided by the customer:

Needleman Installed Near.jpg (1050914 bytes)

Needleman Hardware.JPG (1229619 bytes)         Needleman Entry Mode.JPG (1278052 bytes)         Needleman Screen Mode Ext.JPG (1331760 bytes)         Needleman Screen Mode Int.JPG (1109432 bytes)

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